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Books are my escape...I need it. My life is super busy between working full time, being a mom of 2 super social kids, a traveling husband, and an annoying habit of not being able to say "No". 


Voyager (Outlander)

Voyager - Diana Gabaldon I LOVED the 1st book and the 2nd one immensely. This one was different though. It picks right up from where the 2nd ended which was good and we then read about what Jamie has been doing all this time. This takes us to about halfway through where the book abruptly changes direction toward a totally different and far fetched adventure that I had a really hard time getting into. It is as if there are two books here. I didn't like the way things reconciled between Jamie and Claire, didn't like who Jamie had become and how Claire turns a blind eye toward it all, and then didn't care for how everything Jamie gets involved in has to have this criminal bent to it. But I think fundamentally, I am not happy that 20 years have gone by - I wish they had come back together a little younger. Jaime is in his mid 40's and that's fine but Claire is late 40's yet seems so much younger. I'm in that age group myself, but I feel cheated (as I believe the characters feel this way too) of time they could have been together. On top of that, they are constantly facing life or death situations and it is exhausting. I would have preferred way more romance and connecting, more drama around the relationships, as opposed to their circumstances which changed a lot during their adventure. Want to go on in the series, but may take a little break.