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Books are my escape...I need it. My life is super busy between working full time, being a mom of 2 super social kids, a traveling husband, and an annoying habit of not being able to say "No". 



Outlander - Diana Gabaldon Oh my - this book is now going to the top of my list. This is an incredible book. The story just captured me from the very beginning. Claire Beauchamp Randall at first seems to be somewhat passive, following her husband's lead as they reconnect after being separated for 6 years during WWII. Then she literally stumbles into a time portal and finds herself 200 years in the past facing her husband's great grandfather six generations in the past. The adventure from there is just that, an adventure, and she develops a relationship with a young Highlander, whom I am in love with now. Her character develops from passive to assertive as she navigates her way through this new period and life. It's a love story that is sweet, sexy and heart wrenching and a book that I could not put down. There were some slow parts as their life was peaceful and the story was just about living life and then all of the sudden, it's some major catastrophe that has occurred and you wonder if anyone will survive. I can't wait to begin the next book in this series, but first I want to read this again!