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Three Weeks with Lady X

Three Weeks With Lady X - Eloisa James

Even though I'm finished, I'm going back over the finer details...that's always my indicator of a 4+ rating - when I have the interest in going back. I do like this story although it's definitely not one of James' best. I have NO idea how she got "Thorn" out of Tobias. I think she thinks it's cheeky that she has Rose and Thorn as characters who are thrown together, but it's kind of lame (I do like Rose though as she is very cute). And I also don't know why we have a "Xenobia India", yet she has three names - Lady Xenobia, Lady X, and India - also lame. I do like Thorn's pricklyness (ha ha), his outrageous confidence and the fiery match between he and India. I think that is what saves the book. It really is more of a 3.5 rating than true 4, but again, the fieriness between them makes me want to go back and read those parts again.

The last two of James' books have not been my favorites. She needs to come out with a new series with a whole new set of characters unrelated to anyone from either her books or others. That would be well worth reading.