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My Lady, My Lord - My Goodness!

My Lady, My Lord - Katharine Ashe

I do not give out many 5 stars - usually 4.5 is as high as I go, so you know this is a really good one that I gave it a 5. Really unusual story line that actually at first, I wasn't sure at all if I'd be into. I was afraid it would be hokey as it could have easily been. It wasn't though and was done very well. The h/h are so awful to each other - really terrible - that when circumstances bring them closer, I found I couldn't predict what was going to happen. I am rarely surprised anymore in stories so when I come across something that is unusual and not predictable, it makes me very happy.

Also, the love scenes are exceptional - I really felt how they were feeling in these scenes. That makes me happy too!

Read this - really! I'll be reading more of Katharine Ashe!