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The Duke, the Best

The Duke - Gaelen Foley

I am overdue on writing this review – I finished The Duke a couple of days ago and if I had written it then, I’d be gushing about how beautiful their love was, and writing all kinds of shiny, happy descriptive sentences. But days have gone by and I’m back to reality. I have still been thinking about this book though and it is going on my “will read again and again” shelf that I will create since reading this.


What’s so great about it? Well first off, it is the story about a stuffy, pristinely mannered Duke, Robert, who was in love with a friend’s wife who died. Robert’s friend asks his help is uncovering the circumstances of her death and he suspects his heir. Turns out his heir has been harassing and ruining a beautiful woman named Belinda who is ultimately forced to become a courtesan. Seeing that he may be able to use Belinda as a means to get to the heir, Robert offers her an opportunity at revenge and they partner together to uncover the truth and exact revenge.


Robert finds Belinda beautiful but due to his deceased mother’s scandalous behavior, he strikes the deal with Belinda that she’ll not share his bed. This creates such sexual tension in the story to make one not want to book the book down. Belinda is so free and refreshing and he is such a romantic and protective that he finds himself falling in love with her despite his bias for her profession.


I loved their love story, the ups and downs they faced while falling in love, the revelation of her secrets, his support, retaliation and protection, her perseverance in healing him, her tremendous strength and sense of self, and his struggle to dare to go against society’s expectations. I was disappointed in his quick to judge mentality at all turns, but was happy to see him realize it when faced with the truth. Both of these characters were very human and were made more human together. A great couple, romance, and book!