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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover - Bummer as this one looked GOOD

The Arrow - Monica McCarty

Well.....I wanted to like it a lot. I liked it ok. It left me feeling a little "meh".


This is the latest release of the Highland Guard series and what was good is that I didn't feel like I was lost or needed to read the others prior to this one, which was good. The story is about the archer in the secret Highland Guard and his ward whom he works hard to deny he has feelings for whereas she tells anyone who will listen about her feeling for him.


Once the story got going and they got over their hangups over being with each other, the story was good and had some steamy scenes which were hot (wish I had a wine cellar). But getting to that point was tough at times as there was so much inner monologue between the two of them. I counted 5 pages for one thought process Gregor went through after he had gripped Cate's arm in the hallway - really? Quite wordy and repetitive at times.


As with many stories, they are torn apart due to some misunderstanding, but really, it is rather contrived. I would have thought that after knowing each other as long as they have and sharing the intimacies they had, that the misunderstanding would not have been blown up so much. I also could not fathom why Gregor did what he did after the misunderstanding - he was selfish and arrogant and it seemed out of character to how he had been described as leading up to that point.


I kind of went back and forth on liking the characters too. I didn't like Cate so much in the beginning because she was so transparent in her efforts to get Gregor to notice her she seemed immature to me. Then she seemingly overnight becomes a woman and I start to like her. Gregor is tortured yet funny in the beginning and then acts like a complete Ahole and I don't like him much anymore.


Kind of a bummer as I have wanted to read books by this author and I have to say I LOVE the covers (hubba hubba) but maybe the story has lost some steam this far into the series. I'll try out the first one and hope that my hunch is correct.

Digital Review Copy provided by Edelweiss.