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You Won't Regret Reading This Book

Lord of Regrets (Entangled Scandalous) - Sabrina Darby

Despite the love and sensuous addiction they shared, Lord Marcus Templeton could never marry Natasha Polinoff. Not while he remained under his grandfather's vise-like control. But when Natasha announces her out-of-wedlock pregnancy—which would destroy his inheritance—Templeton explodes into a rage. One that sends Natasha running into the unforgiving night, never to return...


Now five years have passed, and Lord Templeton has finally found his beloved. And this time, the viscount will have her.


However, Natasha has settled into a new life with her young daughter. Lord Templeton's arrival fills her with terrible fear . . . and undeniable longing. He has come to claim her. Yet even as her body still longs for his touch, her anger still burns. She is no mere possession. But Lord Templeton will do whatever it takes to bring her back into his arms and back into his bed. Even if it means resorting to blackmail to make Natasha his wife...


This story provoked quite a bit of thinking on my part. About half way through I was so annoyed with Natasha as all I could see was Marcus making a huge effort to bring the two of them together and have what he couldn’t have five years earlier. And I wondered why Natasha was making it so difficult. Then I put myself in Natasha’s shoes and attempted to put things in perspective from her upbringing and could empathize. And that is really the point of this entire story – everyone is so busy thinking about themselves and trying to get across how they feel that they are not taking into account how other’s might feel or see things from their perspective. This revelation was integral in understanding the characters better and providing me with the hope that Natasha and Marcus would eventually see this too.


This is not a super happy, lovey-dovey, marshmallow romance. It is a story redemption, forgiveness, acceptance and love.


Sabrina Darby is an excellent writer and storyteller and I will be reading more of her.


Thank you to Entangled Publishing for providing a review copy for my honest review.