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Roomies Review

Roomies - Christina Lauren

Wow. Wow. Wow. I loved this book! It is a must, must read. So witty, unique, sweet, sexy, etc. I could not put it down. This should be your next book.

I saw this recommended and being read by a couple of historical romance authors I follow, and loved the description. Such a unique storyline - a subway busker who gets a big break in Broadway? The girl who makes it happen? An immigration story? How the author even came up with this, I do not know, but I do know it was lovely. 

I’m a sucker for guys with accents and Calvin is just absolutely the cutest. Holland is just like any of us in our 20’s - a little self conscious, not sure what her path is. But she has very loving uncles that have exposed her to the world of theater and music. She shares this passion and sees in Calvin a way to solve a lot of problems, not to mention, spend some time with this guy she’s been crushing hard on for awhile. Holland is hilarious - I literally laughed so much while reading this story. I loved the love connection between Holland and Calvin - such a great slow build and an utterly sexy relationship that was so fun to read.

I’ll be reading this one over and over again.