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Wicked Sexy Liar - So Good!

This one is my favorite of the series by far. I absolutely LOVED Luke and London. In fact, Luke is now the book boyfriend that I will measure all other book boyfriends to - he is a lot like Carter from Dating You, Hating You who is now a close second to the honor of being the best book boyfriend.


We are introduced to London in the 2nd book of the series, Dirty Rowdy Thing, and Luke as a concept in Sweet, Filthy Boy and in the flesh, so to speak, in Dark, Wild Night. I had the sense from Luke’s introduction that he’d be a bit creepy, but wow, he isn’t. And of course, London is adorbs - super cute and fun character. However, this being her book, we realize, she has some baggage and there is a reason she is still single. The story unfolds by switching between her POV and his, and their inner monologues are funny and give the reader such a great sense of who they are. 

I don’t believe I am spoiling anything by saying that they have a hot night together but London is not looking for anything serious because she is guarding her heart and Luke, as introduced in the previous books, dealt with his breakup with Mia by playing the field, so he is the definition of “player”. One would think this is not a match. But there is major chemistry and Luke may just want to change his ways if it means being with London. 

This is such a great super hot read and I did not want to leave Luke and London behind so I had to read it again. You will find yourself rooting for them and hoping they “figure their shit out” which is referenced often in the book.I loved every second of it - nothing bothered me which is a good sign.

Sad to end the series - there is a short story at the end of this one about Not-Joe and Perry, but I only skimmed it. They weren’t as interesting to me as everyone else.

Highly recommend the whole series and reading in order is helpful as they all build upon each other, but there is an short intro in the beginning if you want to skip right to this one - but really, don’t. The whole series, while a few years old, is awesome.