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Beautiful Player Review

Beautiful Player - Christina Lauren
This is the third book in the Beautiful Bastard series and the second-ish book that we've been introduced to Will (I say -ish because there are some novellas in between). I was so excited to read Will's story because he has been a hilarious secondary character in the series so far and super hot. This did not disappoint - Will is definitely super hot, funny, and a great guy with a bad rap. He is characterized as a "player" here but I didn't really think he was actually. My definition of a player is someone who is with a lot of people (like Luke in Wicked Sexy Liar), but Will has two women he alternates nights with on a weekly basis - that's just being organized and consistent. But whatever, the female main character, Hanna, has known Will a very long, long time and thinks he is a player, so there you go. Hanna has moved to the big city and reaches out to Will so that she can make friends in the City. Hanna asks Will for his help in making friends but also in showing her the ropes when it comes to sex and of course he is happy to help. Their friendship soon turns into a "Friends with Benefits" arrangement that is supposed to end cleanly but, well I won't spoil it for you.

Hanna transforms herself from a super nerdy girl to a beautiful sexy woman in front of Will's eyes, but he liked her as her nerdy self which is so sweet. He helps her gain confidence, and sexual expertise, and really, doesn't want to let her go.

Sweet, sexy, steamy, sweet - this is a great read and addition to the series.