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The Spymaster's Lady

The Spymaster's Lady - Joanna Bourne

Full of intrigue and suspense mixed with romance, this story revolves around Annique Villiers, aka the "Fox Cub", who has been a French secret agent since she was practically in diapers.  Having recently lost her special agent mother and blind from a freak accident, she finds herself in the prison cell of a French agent gone bad who is out to get her.  It is here that she meets the British spymaster Robert Grey and decides to help him and his wounded colleague escape from the cell.  Once they escape, Robert won't let her go as he suspects she may be the notorious Fox Cub and he needs to bring her in for questioning. Here begins the romance as she continually thwarts his efforts to restrain her and of course, he only grows more attracted to her. She does manage to escape after what seems like many attempts.


Their journey brings them to England where they reunite, although Annique does not believe it is him.  The story continues the thread of the French agent gone bad who is out to get her and Robert must protect her.  The story had a very good mix of suspense and romance which kept me from wanting to put it down.  It had a twist at the end as well that I did not expect which I appreciated as I feel that I'm always figuring out these supposed "surprises".  I liked Robert's character - tough, strong, in command - and the supporting characters were good as well.  Annique was fine but her constant thoughts of escape grew tiresome.  All in all it was well worth reading and enjoyable.


The cover I must say has no bearing whatsoever on this book.  It doesn't even look like Robert as described, for one, and then why is he running with his shirt open like he's about to turn into Superman?  Really poor picture choice by the publisher if you ask me.