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Musings on the Muses of Mayfair

Scotsmen Prefer Blondes  - Sara Ramsey Heiress Without a Cause - Sara Ramsey

The Muses of Mayfair series by Sara Ramsey starts with Heiress Without a Cause and is followed by Scotsmen Prefer Blondes.  Both are well written and good love stories.  Both deal with the common theme of frustration among the young female gentry of being a woman and not being allowed to do anything. However, in Heiress Without a Cause, the heroine, Madeleine, or Mad for short, has found a super secret way to get her thrills by acting on the stage in disguise.  The dissolute Duke of Rothwell, or Ferguson, happens upon her show and in seeing her decides he must have her.  It's a believable attraction and when Ferguson discovers her secret, he resolves to help her. Soon, they can't keep their hands off each other and the secret may be discovered at any moment so there is suspense as well.  I loved that Ferguson was the one doing the chasing, (for once the man!), and Mad was the one needing convincing.  A little unbelievable at times, but nonetheless, I loved how she kept him wanting more.  


In Scotsmen Prefer Blondes, Mad's friend Amelia, who has been the Belle of the ton for years but consistently turns down suitors, has met her match in...her friend's potential betrothed, the Earl of Carnach.  Not good. It all goes horribly bad when they are discovered in a compromising (sort of) situation and Amelia's brother forces the match. Her friend abandons her, for good reason at that moment in time, and Amelia has to figure out a way to not marry this guy.  But really, what is she thinking?  Of course she should marry this guy - he's hot and sexy and when they're together it's sexy and steamy and wow. She's never had this before and she thinks it's easy to find it out, no.  But she's scared of him finding out her super secret that she's a writer - oh no!  The horror!  I really can't believe there was a time when women were so oppressed, but it is true, and Amelia has been successfully publishing under a male pen name.  The zinger comes when the truth comes out about who wrote the infamous gossip book last season.  I really loved their connection, when they connected, and how Amelia would become completely unguarded and laugh during their banter.  Of course, I never like it when the H/H don't talk to each for about 100 pages when it could be so easily solved if they  I liked this book though and while it had mixed reviews, I thought it was one to read again even.  


I am looking forward to reading about the other Muses of Mayfair - who they end up with and what their super secret is!