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Trouble = Fun in the The Trouble with Honor

The Trouble With Honor - Julia London

This is the first in a new series about the Cabot sisters.  Honor is the oldest and the trailblazer it would seem. She is very daring, bold, and knows no boundaries.  Surprisingly, she hasn't been ruined yet.  However, she does meet George Easton and concocts a plan to keep her and her sisters safe from financial ruin that involves him.  And why not him?  He's the unclaimed son of a Duke and lower than low, but cuter than cute and soon there is no keeping them apart.  So soon falling in love, but unable to live without each other and I loved how George was wrecked, just wrecked, when he couldn't be with Honor.  


Love it when a man is brought to his knees.  


George's feelings for Honor were awesome and it made for even more chemistry between them.  Found myself not wanting to put the book down or to end.


Now I must wait for the next Cabot sister, Grace, and the tease at the end of the book was a terrible tricky tease, so wait in suspense I will.


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